The dance strand of the Salem High School Performing Arts Academy is designed to provide talented male and female students the essential knowledge and skills necessary to pursue an exciting and successful career in the field of dance. The curriculum will encompass classes providing a strong foundation in ballet, modern and jazz. Master classes will be offered in a variety of disciplines such as tap, ballet, modern, jazz and ethnic dance forms. To further enhance the dancers understanding of their art, instruction will be provided in dance history, theory, critique, and related areas of interest.

The dance program is designed for serious performers who are dedicated to improving their craft through a balanced approach to instruction in performance, choreography, and critique. Students will be afforded the opportunity to participate in field trips to view local professional dance performances, Master Classes with guest artists, and a variety of workshops. Performances are an integral part of the program and will provide the student with an outlet for showcasing the development of their talents and abilities. In addition, participation in interdisciplinary courses and workshops will challenge dancers to broaden their knowledge base and strengthen their marketability in the field of performing arts. Upon completion of the dance program, participants will find that they are well-prepared for continued growth and involvement at the collegiate and professional levels.

The dance strand is pleased to offer rising 9th grade students, with an interest and dedication to the art of dance, the opportunity to participate in this exciting new part of the Academy offerings at Salem High School!

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Dance Strand Curriculum and Audition Requirements