Our School

Salem High School Seal

The Salem High School Seal was designed in 1996. It displays a scalloped circle that depicts the various aspects of the school: the book and pen for academics; the mask, lyre, and paintbrushes for the fine arts; and the torch and rings for athletics (also to denote that the seal was designed in an Olympic year). The sun is representative of both the SunDevils and the seven boroughs of the city. The lighthouse is a symbol of Virginia Beach, and the clasped hands are characteristic of unity and harmony in the school and within the community. On the floating ribbon is the Salem High School motto: SUPERBIA ET EXCELLENTIA (Pride and Excellence) and 1989 (the founding date of the school).

Salem High School Logo

A student/parent committee selected the name SunDevils to represent Salem High School in the spring of 1989. A SunDevil is a weather phenomenon much like a Dust Devil, in which unusual weather is caused by a high amount of sunlight. The logo incorporates the school colors: scarlet, black, silver, and white.

The logo was updated in the fall of 2014, and was voted on by students, teachers, and the Salem community.

Salem Alma Mater – Silver, Black, and Scarlet

Salem High School Alma Mater
Words & Music by Dr. Don Krudop

(Verse) There's a place that will live in my mem'ry,
When the days of my youth pass away
In my heart hold it dear,
Though I roam far and near,
And there it shall always stay.

'Tis the place where I left my childhood,
And grew toward what my life would be,
In Virginia, the Old Dominion,
Salem High, I call to thee.

(Chorus) Lift your hearts and lift your spirits,
Lift your voices to the sky,
Raise the Silver, Black, and Scarlet,
Raise them up for Salem High.