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College Information
Below you will find all types of college information. Here you will find links to college searches, virtual campus tours, and financial aid information.

Summer Pre-College Programs
Over 80% of students that attend the most prestigious universities in the United States attend a pre-college summer program. Please click here or here for information on pre-college summer programs.

Common Black College Application
The Common Black College Application allows students to apply to 34 colleges with a one time fee of $35. Click here for access to the common black college application.

Comprehensive Sites

The following comprehensive sites offer a wealth of information and resources for your college search. The options at these sites are too numerous to mention. Try them

College Search

Search for colleges that fit your preferences of major, location, size, etc., using any of the following sites

Virginia 4 Year Colleges and Universities

Click on the links below to visit the sites of Virginia Colleges and Universities.

VA Colleges Virtual Tours

Virginia Community Colleges

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Local Technical and Career Schools

National Technical and Career College Information