Visual Arts

The Visual Arts Program is designed for talented high school students who have the dedication and enthusiasm to pursue an intense and structured study in the visual arts. The program offers a curriculum that will guide the student toward the development of skills, concepts, and imaginative exploration in a wide variety of media and techniques. Students experience courses in drawing, painting, digital graphic design, photographic multi-media imaging, ceramics, sculpture, digital imaging, metalsmithing, architecture, product design and production, and animation.

The Visual Arts program will help students expand their creativity, knowledge and discipline through the making of art, discussion, critique, and observation. They will develop their critical thinking skills, fundamental theory, and historical perspective.

A portfolio of individual work that can be used for college admission is initiated at the beginning of study and developed throughout the program. Students will have the opportunity to participate in important programs and exhibits in museums such as the Chrysler Museum, the Contemporary Art Center, the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts, and the National Gallery of Art. Students will also have the opportunity to exhibit their work in a variety of community exhibits and will participate in a community internship program.

Visual Strand Instructors